Using Content Marketing to Attract a Targeted Audience

While most business owners are spending a fortune using either Google or Facebook ads to get traffic, when the cash cow runs dry, you really are back at square one as far as getting traffic again because once you stop you have no exposure. The great thing about content marketing is that each time you work on your website in a particular manner, you build a stronger foundation that improves over time.

Here are a few ways to build strong content marketing avenues when growing your following;

Building Your Foundation on Solid Ground
Before we can proceed to content marketing by way of articles, you have to be utilizing long tail keywords that are reflective of your business. When you choose the top keywords for your niche, you are competing with several million others who are using the same phrase. Even if your content is spectacular, your pages are going to be buried somewhere in the middle of a couple million other pages. Choose keywords that have very low competition but a decent global search. These are not easy to find, but when you do, you are going to easily rank in the top few pages if you focus your content marketing on these specific terms.

Content Marketing Articles
Now that you have the right keywords, you can begin to build your empire. The articles that you are going to build are keyword specific, and will give the readers value that keeps them coming back to your website time and time again. So for example, let us assume you have a website on dating. Rather than going after popular keywords like “online dating”, and getting buried in the results pages, you chose to go with the keyword “dating for women over 50”. Now if the article offers these readers value, the search engine spiders are going to recognize this content should rank well for that long-tail keyword. When it comes to content marketing, the more laser focus you have for a keyword, the better your content will get indexed.

So these two pieces of the puzzle may seem simple enough, but the majority of business owners are just looking for an easier way to get traffic and fail over and over again. If you take the time to master these two steps, you are going to slowly see traffic numbers grow from week to week. The best part is that the more work you do, the bigger you build your foundation for the life of the website.

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