Consider These When Looking for a Realtor

Just because there happens to be several hundred realtors in your area does not mean you have to choose just any because they are not all going to provide the same type service. Buying a home could be a quick or a very drawn out task, depending on the market. Charleston luxury homes seller Premier One states some reasons you want to be working with the best local real estate agent.

Charleston Luxury Homes for Sale1. When it is a sellers market, that means that you might find one house in your price range with 10 potential buyers all placing offers. The chances of you getting your bid accepted fall in the hands of the best local realtor who will know how to make an offer that appeals to the needs of the seller and gets you picked first.

2. When it is a buyers market, the inventory is so huge that you could look at a dozen homes with zero bids and have your pick of the lot. Again, the best local realtor can identify opportunity here and get you to place an offer that will get you the house of your dreams for far less than you even thought possible. Your realtor can identify how many times the seller lowered the price, and spot a chance to get a deal that saves you thousands.

3. One of the things the local realtors will do is offer their potential customers a real estate rebate. Real estate rebates save you thousands, and this is basically a cut of the realtor’s pay in the form of a check that is given to you at the closing. Imagine getting several thousand dollars for doing nothing but choosing the right realtor. Not all realtors take part in this practice, so ask before you sign any type working contract with a realtor.

4. In order to narrow down the search for a potential realtor, start by searching Facebook groups for experiences locals have had with realtors. Once you have a few in mind, message them and ask about how long on average they can close a deal, if they offer the rebates, and if they would be willing to meet at their office to discuss the possibility of working together. Treat this like a job interview because you will be working together for some time.

These are only some of the reasons you should be working with the local realtor. Take your time to carefully interview them and choose one that has your best interests at heart.